An open-source static random access memory (SRAM) compiler.

This project is maintained by VLSIDA

Docker images for OpenRAM

Installing Docker

There are a number of ways to install Docker. Pick your favorite.

NOTE: If you plan to use a VPN, do NOT use the Docker Toolbox for Mac or the docker from Macports as these require a network socket that breaks when you install some VPN software. To understand the difference, check out this page.

Running Docker

Terminal only

Updating the image

If there are updates to the image, you can pull a new one from the hub with:

make pull

This is not automatically done, so if you have a problem, make sure you are up-to-date.

Building your own image

You can run the build script to build a local image:

make build

If you want to change things, modify the openram-ubuntu/Dockerfile and let me know what should be fixed.